Get that face and neck nicely DEPUFFED and DETOXED – in less time than it takes to bake your egg muffins – just 30 minutes a day!

5-Day Depuff & Sculpt Challenge

Reduce Swelling and Enhance Facial Contours

Challenge Begins In:


REAL Women, REAL Transformations

“Have you slept well?”
“Do you have any allergies?”
“Are you drinking enough water?”

^So used to hearing these, aren’t we?
Morning puffiness isn’t cute. It's downright stubborn, and it can seriously mess with our day.

You’ve slept well, you’re drinking enough water, you’ve even cut out salt to reduce the bloated look, so what’s really happening?

We all have excess fluid beneath our skin. It keeps accumulating, resulting in what we call the ‘puffy’ look.
I want you to know that you don’t have to
  • Go on a crash diet
  • Use ice globes in this chilly weather, or sleep with extra pillows under your head
  • Splurge your hard-earned money on costly spa treatments or massages
  • Go under the knife

I’m doing a 5-Day Depuff & Sculpt Challenge to stimulate your facial muscles and drain away all the lymphatic fluid, bringing out those natural contours.

I’ve handpicked some insanely powerful routines to depuff EVERY inch of your face.
Imagine waking up to a face that looks fresh, detoxed, and beautifully contoured.

The Challenge will help you get there. 💯

The truth is we all have a beautiful bone structure, and it's up to us to accentuate + enhance it naturally. All it takes is the right ROUTINE to drain out all the lymphatic fluid.

30 minutes that you spend scrolling through your phone…imagine if you used that time to do these routines. You’d wake up to a beautifully defined face, ready to conquer your day.

No more puffy mornings, hiding from cameras, or canceling breakfast plans.

You’ll step out that door feeling fresh and fabulous. 😎

5 Days of 30-minute face workouts with the TOP coaches, hitting all the major facial points for a fully depuffed and radiant look.
Total Value: $223
... All for just a one-time payment of $27!

If you stick to this Challenge, you'll be able to:

🔥 Get rid of the facial puffiness, swelling, and inflammation
😏 Enhance your natural bone structure + contours
📷 Stay in front of the camera and own every selfie with stunning new facial definition

This Challenge is your jam if:

🌞 You wake up to a puffy, swollen face every morning
🧴 You've tried those serums, massages, and fancy spa treatments, but the results never last
🚫 You dread needles, knives, and scalpels…
  • No Previous Experience Required
  • 5 Live Face Yoga Classes
  • ​7-Day Access to Replays


What You Get In The Challenge

5 days of LIVE online Routines with Fumiko and Certified Face Yoga Coaches
($47 value)
For 40 minutes a day, you’ll join Fumiko, her Certified Coaches, and other Face Yogis in a special routine designed to smoothen your smile lines and lift your cheeks.
Daily Live Q&A 
with a Certified 
Face Yoga Coach
($35 value)
Interactive sessions where you get your burning questions answered by a Certified Face Yoga Coach who has helped thousands of women reclaim their beauty and confidence.

Real Connections 
with Amazing People 
All Over The World
Designed to bring you closer to other Face Yogis on the Journey. You’ll bond, co-create, and share magic moments with people around the world who'll uplift you all the way to the finish line.
Assignments Designed for Faster Results
Interactive sessions where you get your burning questions answered by a Certified Face Yoga Coach who has helped thousands of women reclaim their beauty and confidence.

5 LIVE online Routines with Fumiko and Certified Face Yoga Coaches
You’ll join Fumiko and Certified Coaches in a special routine designed to depuff your face and bring out your natural contours.

Real Connections with Amazing People Inside the Accountability Group
You’ll bond, co-create, and share magic moments with extraordinary Face Yogis around the world who uplift you all the way to the end.

Live Q&A with Certified Face Yoga Coach
Interactive sessions where you get your burning questions answered by a Certified Face Yoga Coach who has helped hundreds reclaim their beauty and confidence.

Forever Access Bonus
Face Yoga Fundamentals ($49)
We’ll focus on the face, body and mindset through bite-sized videos that will prepare you for success.

Total Value: $223
... All for just a one-time payment of $27!

How The Challenge Works

Log in to the Challenge portal using your credentials
After you complete your $27 registration, you will receive a confirmation email within 30 minutes that will include your login credentials to the Challenge portal.
Mark your calendar and set aside 30 minutes a day for 5 days
Each session will begin at 9AM PT (use this link to convert into your local time zone) and go for about 30 minutes.  If you cannot make it live, a Replay will be available inside the Challenge Portal until the 18th of February.
Show up to Zoom live, with your cameras on!
Each day, you will receive a Zoom room access link to join 1 hour before the Live event. So keep an eye on the email address used to register! You can join from any device, including your phone, as long as you have the Zoom app installed.
Value: $223
TODAY For Just $27!

Meet Your Coaches

Fumiko Takatsu
Japan - United States
World-renowned Face Yoga Teacher, best-selling author, and the brain that started it all. Fumiko began the Face Yoga Method almost two decades ago and has inspired millions of women from Japan, the United States, and the world to embrace and celebrate their age through her Pro-Age Journey.
Tina Scholl
Germany - United States
Tina is a Certified Face Yoga Method Teacher, physical therapist, massage therapist, and certified organic skin care formulator. Tina’s knowledge of the interconnectedness of the body, muscles, and reflexology empowers you with holistic tools for overall well-being.
Naomi Sakai
Japan - United States
Naomi is a Certified Face Yoga Method Teacher and Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Instructor. Naomi brings in her traditional yoga knowledge with facial lymphatic massage and Face Yoga Method techniques for balanced and rejuvenating lessons that focus on alignment.

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Step 1: Let's Get to Know You
Step 2: Choose Your Payment Option

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5-Day Challenge Success Book: Get the secrets, routines, and juicy deets that guarantee your success in our exclusive Challenge Success Book! Click YES to add this to your order now for just a single payment of $18! (Like a cookie jar in the hands of a toddler, this offer will be gone in a flash. 👀)

Step 3: Lock in the Radiance
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I understand the Replays will be available until February 18th and agree to the Terms of Service.
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EVERYTHING you’re getting:

  • 5 Live Classes ($99 value)
  • ​​Exclusive Access to Replays until February 18th
  • ​Private Accountability Group (Priceless)
  • Live Q&A with a Face Yoga Coach ($75 value)
  • Bonus Goodie: Face Yoga Fundamentals ($49 value)

It’s Our Job To Ensure Your Results

Because of the LIVE and IMMEDIATE nature of the Challenge, we are not able to issue refunds for the Challenge. Me and our team of Certified Coaches are here to engage you over the next 5 days to get so much more than a $27 investment in your wellbeing.

Join us on the next Challenge!

“Thank you for being such an inspiration with your knowledge and passion.”

"After trying the FYM, all of a sudden, I started getting many compliments such as, “You look different. You look nice.”"

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Facebook account to join the Challenge?
Joining the Private Challenge Group on Facebook is encouraged so you can connect with your Coaches and Face Yogi sisters but it’s NOT required.
Until when will I have access to the Challenge?
This is a LIVE Challenge, but daily Replays will be available inside your Challenge Portal until February 18th.
What time will the classes be?
The Challenge will take place from February 12th to 16th and will be held at 9am PT each day.
I cannot make it to the Live Classes. What can I do?
You can still watch the replays if you can’t make it! Daily session replays will be available until February 18th inside your Challenge Portal, after each class finishes.
How much time commitment does the Challenge take?
The minimum daily time commitment for the Challenge is 30 minutes to either show up LIVE for the session or watch the replay.

However, to take full advantage of the additional Q&As and support Community, we strongly suggest putting aside around 1 hour every day for the next 5 days.
How much is the Challenge?
A one-time payment of $27 gives you access to the 5 LIVE Zoom classes and 48-hour access to the daily replays.
Where will the Challenge be held?
You will join the Challenge using a Zoom link that you will be provided once you register.
I have a Mastery Membership, do I have access to the Challenge?
Yes, the 5-Day Depuff & Sculpt Challenge is included in your Mastery Membership. Be sure to log into the Studio or on the App to join us from February 12th to 16th!
What’s in it for me if I’ve already joined the previous Challenge?
This Challenge is designed for exponential growth, and by joining again, you’re providing yourself with unique opportunities and new experiences to elevate your practice.
Whether it's improving your results, conquering more unhealthy habits, or uncovering new knowledge, the return on your investment will be extraordinary.
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