WARNING: Because Each Student Will Receive Individual Attention The Class is Limited to a Select Number of Spots, Be Sure to Grab Yours in Time...
If that's you... I will PERSONALLY work with you for the next 4 months to help  you become a Successful and Effective Face Yoga Teacher.

(even if you never practiced a single face yoga pose before)
First class begins Monday, JULY 10, 2017


1. You already have an established practice or a holistic, wellness-based business up and running, and want to add face yoga classes to your list of services.

2. You're looking to redirect your career. You're right at the beginning stages or you don't yet work in the industry, but you're considering entering the market with the face yoga method and broadening your skills.

3. You want to learn face yoga in a systematic way from the foundation up because you know having this foundation would help you maintain a more consistent practice and encourage others to do the same.

Now Imagine that instead of buying every book you can get your hands on, that promises to take you to the next step

Or investing in a new skill-set that doesn't cater to today's demands

Or getting misleading marketing advice from forums where newbies are teaching each other

Or just trying to "go it alone" and hoping for the best...

Instead you join ONE step-by-step course...

That not only teaches, but also certifies you, in a unique area that's been proven successful time and time again. This course also show you how to put your newfound knowledge to work and advertise your practice.

How much time, money, and stress would that save you?

...I'm the Founder and Creator of the Face Yoga Method
and have been teaching face exercises for over a decade

Actually, I've been creating and perfecting face exercises for over 10 years.

At first, for myself, because I was left with a lopsided eye area  after a car accident and was looking for ways to make it more symmetrical. Soon enough it evolved into a project bigger than just me.

Word about the Face Yoga Method  spread and hundreds of people began practicing. Before I knew it, I was giving interviews on TV, graced almost 100 Japanese magazines, worked as a corporate sponsor for several major brands, and since 2006 I've trained over 600 Japanese Face Yoga certified teachers.

I’ve helped students incorporate the face yoga method in combination with other markets such as tango, yoga, psychology, cosmetology, fitness, kinesiology, medicine and many others. It’s a method that I've now certified hundreds of students in.

They are not only using it themselves but have turned it into full time businesses.

I have spent more than ten thousand hours mastering a method that changed my life and that had only impacted a tiny handful of people and that didn’t sit well with me. I knew I wanted my legacy to be bigger.

I felt like I had a duty to do something more with my life and I knew that certifying face yoga teachers would allow my method to impact people on a much larger scale, so they in turn could impact the lives of their students and have this massive ripple effect.


If you decide to join me, you’ll get where you want to go, no question about it.

But the road between here and there might not always be pretty.

It's impossible to properly go through all modules I have prepared for you in just a few days, that's why the Teacher Certification Course will stretch over a period of 4 months, where the content and the assignments are "drip-fed" as to not overwhelm you.

I don't believe in a "magic pill", "easy button" or "get rich overnight" promises.

If you're serious about becoming a successful and effective face yoga teacher, there's nothing standing in your way. Your success is my success and I bent over backwards to make sure you have EVERYTHING you need laid out for you, in a comprehensive, easy to understand system.


The Face Yoga Method is TIMELESS because people will always want to look and be healthy.

If you look back in history, face yoga dates back as far as 2000 years ago. Cleopatra and the Empress of the Imperial Court in China were both known to use facial exercises to maintain a youthful look.

I wasn't the first person ever to have practiced face exercises, but I was one of the first people to bring them to the public with a structured step-by-step plan.

What’s happening is that people all over the world are less interested in a silver bullet solution and more concerned with establishing a long-term healthy lifestyle.

Diets, weight-loss pills, “low-fat” or “low-sugar” trends are losing momentum and have evolved into larger trends around eating more simply, “antioxidants” for example, is no longer the buzzword it used to be and consumers seem to care less about superfoods.

For the first time in history people are consuming less, they choose goods that are sustainable and long-lasting. Clean labeling allows us to make up our own minds about the chemicals in our products. Slowly but surely holistic consumerism is becoming the norm, we buy products with a positive message that lower the environmental impact aka the “buy less but buy better” movement.

At the same time technology is evolving, word spreads like wildfire, we no longer depend on big companies or the media for advertising and holding events, because now, with a click of a button we can create a movement.

When I first started the internet was gaining momentum but not at the rate it is now. I still relied on magazines, newspapers and TV to spread my message, but today?

I am amazed with the success my face yoga teachers in Japan have experienced with simple Facebook pages and the events they’re creating, the workshops they’re holding, all without having to spend a fortune on media campaigns.


The Face Yoga Method helps you generate predictable consistent monthly revenue.

There's not a single person over the age of 25 that hasn't thought about the signs of aging. "Gravity isn't waiting" - that's a message everyone can relate to, regardless of race, age, gender or ZIP code. 

If you have an existing fitness or wellness business you can easily add face exercises to the list of services you already provide. Not only will it provide extra value to your existing customers, but it will also help you stand out, because at the moment you have virtually no competition.

Existing studios will also be happy to have you, it is only a matter of packaging your information in a way that makes it easy to understand and knocking on the right doors. We will teach you how to do all of this in the Marketing Module.

What will also happen is that as you get more comfortable you'll start holding larger and more advanced classes where you can start charging even more. You could hold events, work with corporations, the sky literally is the limit because right now you would have virtually no competition. 

How much do you think you could grow your face yoga practice in 1 year for example?

Anna Kaim | Poland
Karina Amrenova | Toronto, CA
Kim Marel | US & Switzerland
Denise Livingston | Colorado, US
Elena Becklen | Russia
Catherine David | France & Italy
Byambasuren | Mongolia
Maria Koroletz | Germany
Alia Premjee | Texas, US
Reasons to Join The
Teacher Certification Course Today
No previous face yoga knowledge is required!

The course was designed in such a way that as you progress and learn the poses, you will be able to put your newfound knowledge into practice for yourself, before teaching others.

By the time you finish the course and receive your certification, you will have 2 months of face yoga practice that will definitely make an impact on your face.

Practice what you preach has always been my mantra. You will start with toning and sculpting your own face-line before holding your class. Once you start seeing results on your own skin, not only will it motivate you to keep going but you will also be a source of inspiration for your students.
I've been certifying face yoga instructors for a little over half a decade.

All of my certified face yoga instructors are Japanese, because until TODAY, I've only made the certification possible through live classes, in Japan. I would fly back and forth between the US and Japan once or twice a year to hold a certification course.

The difference between what you're getting inside the Teacher Certification Course and the courses I've held so far, is:
  • In the past I've only taught 10 poses (now there are 70) - An incredible opportunity to customize your own routines and offer more diversity to your students.
  • Online course - In the past, students had to join me from all over Japan and pay transportation and housing fees. We took advantage of the technology available today and brought the course online! You can join us from all over the world and study at your own pace.
  • Ability to review course materials indefinitely - Once I certified face yoga teachers in Japan, that was it, no videos, no sheets, no materials. When you join the course you will be able to access all the materials, even after receiving your certification.
  • Scheduling your certification test - Because I had to fly between the US and Japan, my time was incredibly limited and I had to squeeze in as much as possible. But now! Thanks to the course being available online we have some freedom when scheduling the tests. Instead of you having to adapt to my limited time, I've allowed a month for the testing process, where you can pick and choose the date that best suits you.
  • And So Much More...
Tap into the diverse expertise & knowledge of both Fumiko and your future Teacher Certification Course Community from all across the world.

Starting a course (especially an online one) and building a practice, can be a lonely process...

But that doesn't have to be the case.

I have learned over the years that the fastest way to success is to find someone who has ALREADY achieved what you're after and model them...

When you join the Teacher Certification Course you will connect with Fumiko, Maria, my support team AND the rest of the community that are going on the same journey that you are.

If you have a question, members certainly can answer it for you & put you on the right path!
Get real-time, actionable feedback on your most pressing face yoga & marketing challenges.

As part of the course we've made available both a forum and a Facebook Group where I guarantee response to your questions in less than 48 hours. More importantly, the feedback you receive is based on years and years of practice.

There are so many uncertainties when you acquire a new skill set and grow a business, and you don't have to go through it on your own!

When you join the Teacher Certification Course, you'll get on-demand expert advice when you most need it.
Keep yourself accountable and get more things done.

How many times have you said "I'm going to do this tomorrow" but you really never get to it and often get distracted? That's about to change for you!

The Teacher Certification Course is all about helping you get results.

When you join me and other members on the weekly accountability groups, we'll make sure to "hold your feet to the fire" and empower you to get the most important things done!
Now, I want to walk you through what we're going to be covering in our 4 months together:

The Face Yoga Method is NOT about the next big thing,the latest fad or something that’s going to last only for the next few months.

It’s a proven step by step methodology that focuses on your facial movements and expressions and teaches you how to exercise your face muscles to create a firmer, more sculpted face line.

In this module, we're going to be covering lessons such as:

  •   The Role of Face Yoga
  •   The Body, Mind and Breath Connection 
  •   Aging Facts: Key Info for Your Clients
  •   How Gravity Impacts the Face
  •   Different Language, Different Muscle Use
  •   Facial Physiology
  •   And many others...
First We're Going To Focus on The Science Behind Face Yoga

You see, there's the temptation to think you already know something or you already tried it. Especially if you’ve heard about face exercises before, because here's the deal...

Sometimes the difference between failure and success, comes down to the smallest details!

You’ve probably seen some of my blog posts where I share some of my face exercises, or even on other sites, because I have students using my method and they have created blogs discussing it.

It's one thing to get a partial view of something from the outside, and it's another to get a complete, behind-the-scenes look and understand all the small nuances behind what's really going on.

The trick is in knowing what to do and how to do it; this is where most people get it wrong and FAIL.

Face yoga is NOT about contorting your face just to get your muscles moving, it's about knowing HOW to move your face muscles, so that you can trigger the one muscle that you need to work on, and isolate and relax the rest.

When you understand the underline SCIENCE... then it strictly becomes a matter of learning the poses and knowing how to teach them.

  •   You will have a clear understanding of how face muscles work.
  •   You will be able to identify the secrets behind my face yoga poses. 
  •   You will be able to mix and remix the poses to create unique workshops and routines.
  •   You will be one step closer to becoming an authority in the field because now you have the knowledge to back up your practice.

In this module I’m going to show you the exact method that I use to lead my face yoga classes, tips on how to keep your students coming back, how to teach workshops or private lessons, including the exact PDFs and sheets you want to pass around, such as check sheets, guides and class evaluation forms.

We're going to be covering lessons such as:

  •   What Materials You Need for a FYM Class
  •   How to lead a FYM Class
  •   How to Be an Effective Teacher
  •   How to Teach a Face Yoga Workshop or Private Lesson
  •   How to Keep Students Coming Back
  •   Key Safety Procedures
  •   And many others...
After building a strong foundation with The Science
We're going to focus on The Teaching

One way or another teaching has always been a part of my life.

I already had 7 years of experience in teaching high-school and college classes in Tokyo, the U.S. and Canada. I've also personally held thousands of face yoga classes with as few as 4 attendees to over a hundred at a time.

But you see... It's not enough to just know how to practice face yoga for yourself, the challenge is in knowing how to share and teach your knowledge.

In this module I compressed my own teaching experience in a handful of actionable lessons that will serve as the backbone in your practice. It will teach you everything you need to know in order to get started ESPECIALLY if you've never held a class before.

In my years of practice I notice teachers making these 3 common mistakes:

1. Not practicing what you preach. I made sure to design the Teacher Certification Course in such a way that you can successfully become a teacher without having practiced a single face yoga pose before. Because I will teach you everything you need to know, no previous knowledge is required. You will learn how to become a face yoga teacher and at the same time change your face.

2. Not planning the classes ahead. We spend a lot of time together in the Teacher Certification Course making sure you know how to plan your routines and sequences, how to adapt to your class’s needs, how to organize themed workshops and more. 

3. Not focusing on having your students return again and again. There are a few reasons why it can sometimes be difficult to keep students coming back to class, and you need to know how to tackle these in advance in order to be an effective teacher. You’d be surprised to find out how easy it actually is to fix and prevent some of these issues.

  •   You will be an inspiring and effective face yoga instructor.
  •   You will know how to manage and lead a face yoga class. 
  •   You will have the necessary tools to ask for feedback.
  •   You will know how to listen to your students and create workshops that best suit them.

In the 3rd module we're going to be covering the meat of the course - the actual face yoga poses.

In total there are 70 poses you'll need to learn in order to successfully become a face yoga instructor.

They're divided into 10 different areas, such as:

  •   The Warm Up
  •   The Forehead Area 
  •   The Eye Area
  •   The Mouth Area
  •   The Cheek Area
  •   The Lip Area
  •   The Nasolabial Folds
  •   The Neck and Jawline Area
  •   The Cool Down

These areas might sound familiar. Which is great!

But remember the temptation I mentioned earlier...

Thinking that you already know something or you already tried it. Because like I said before, sometimes the difference between failure and success, comes down to the smallest details.

In the certification course you will learn how to perform and teach the exercises as an instructor.

How to breath, how to practice the exercises correctly and how to spot mistakes as you're watching your students perform. This is information you're going to gain once you finish the module.

Once you go through the Facial Physiology lesson in Module 1, you'll have a completely different perspective on the poses. It will also give you the knowledge to know how to properly combine the poses and create your own unique classes, that focus on different problem areas.

Each exercise comes with a downloadable PDF and unique instructions for each of the poses, tips and tricks you need to be aware of as a future face yoga teacher.


You'll find that once you become a teacher and start holding classes, people will come to you and point out specific problems they're having, for example an asymmetrical eye area, a gummy smile or droopy eyelids.

These corrections are different from say... smoothing out smile lines.

Your students will LOVE these classes because you'll be holding a workshop that's specifically benefiting them. Not in some generic way, but based on their specific situation. You will not only teach them how to fix their specific problem but also how to change the habit that formed it in the first place.

We're going to be covering lessons such as:

  •   Exercises for Correcting a Gummy Smile
  •   Exercises for a Symmetrical Eye Area
  •   Exercises for a Symmetrical Mouth Area
  •   Exercises for Droopy Eyelids
  •   Sample Sequences for 30, 60, and 90 Minute Classes/Workshops

When joining the Teacher Certification Course you will have access to the full logistics behind getting certified. In a nutshell, these are the main requirements:

  • Read all the course materials & watch all the videos on the online portal
  • Written Assignments - aka "The Homework". These are spread throughout the course, with each module. You will have to complete and send them to Fumiko via email, each assignment having its own deadline.
  • Live Workshops - although optional. The live workshops were designed to give you an extra motivational push and to answer to whatever uncertainty you may have. There are a set number of workshops scheduled in advance for each of the modules, each of them will have a different topic, ranging from face yoga poses to marketing advice.
  • Introductory Video - you will have to provide a video recording on a topic that Fumiko will provide in advance.
  • Certification Process - your final test will be held on Skype or Google Hangout, one on one with Fumiko. We have a dedicated month scheduled for live tests where you will be able to reserve the date and time that best fits your need. The material you need to have prepared for the test will be provided in advance.
Anna Kaim | Poland
Karina Amrenova | Toronto, CA
Kim Marel | US & Switzerland
Denise Livingston | Colorado, US
Elena Becklen | Russia
Catherine David | France & Italy
Byambasuren | Mongolia
Maria Koroletz | Germany
Alia Premjee | Texas, US

You might be thinking “Wait! How do I get students to take my classes in the first place?”

Don’t worry, we’re going to get to that right now.

The answer is all about having the right marketing strategy.

The BONUS Marketing Module is taught by Maria, my sister-in-law and the business mind behind the Face Yoga Method. It focuses strictly on how you can make a living with face yoga, specifically, how to advertise your practice.

As you’re going through your actual face yoga lessons and assignments you will also have access to information that will help you strategize and create a marketing plan.

This way, as soon as you finish the course and get your certification you’ll be prepared to dive right in and start advertising yourself, both offline and online.

Don’t worry if you have zero experience with marketing, I know you’re going to LOVE this.

First class begins Monday, JULY 10, 2017

Maria is going to lay out everything you have to do, step by step.

And the best part?

You will be able to get started on your marketing plan even before receiving your certification. In fact, if you’re willing to put in a couple of extra hours, by the time you actually receive your Face Yoga Method Certification you will have everything else prepared, all you’ll have to do is start teaching.

From online marketing:

  • Buying a domain
  • Creating a site (the easy way)
  • Creating a social media plan
  • Building an email list and building a relationship with your students
  • The importance of testimonials
  • Basic internet marketing principles
  • Where to find designers for your logos, business cards, flyers and postcards
  • How to do it all (Hint: you don’t)

As well as offline marketing tips, such as:

  • Finding venues to teach face yoga
  • Where to print flyers and business cards at a reasonable price
  • The importance of networking and putting yourself out there
4 payments of $750 billed monthly
  • Module 1 - The Science
  • Module 2 - The Teaching
  • Module 3 - The Poses
  • Module 4 - The Corrections
  • Class Materials
  • BONUS Marketing Module
  • Swipe Files
  • Live Workshops with Fumiko & Maria
  • Private Forum & Facebook Group
  • Connections
  •   Module 1 - The Science - The Foundation behind the Face Yoga Method.
  •   Module 2 - The Teaching - Become a successful and effective face yoga instructor.
  •   Module 3 - The Poses - Master all 70 poses.
  •   Module 4 - The Corrections - Customize your workshops to fit specific needs.
  •   Class Materials - Exercise PDFs. Cheat Sheets. Forms. Checklists.
  •   BONUS Marketing Module - Advertise your practice both online and offline.
  •   Swipe Files - Lifestyle, beauty, meditation & visualization resources.
  •   Live Workshops with Fumiko & Maria - Get your questions answered LIVE.
  •   Private Forum & Facebook Group - Connected. Accountable. On Track. Inspired. Taking Action.
  •   Connections - Partner up & grow your business with people who are really doing, not just talking.
  •   CERTIFICATION - You are now an official face yoga instructor. Congratulations!
"I am so thrilled to be offering classes in the Face Yoga Method in Safety Harbor, FL and the surrounding communities!  When you regularly perform these poses and exercises, you will notice improvements in your face and in your life in a very short period of time! "
"Bonjour, je suis Catherine David , 58 ans, française.
Savez vous que à m’importe quel age vous pouvez changer l’aspect de votre visage ? La gravité est notre ennemi numéro un meme au moment ou je vous parle, tout est tiré vers le bas, nos muscles et nos tissus. 
Comme vous allez faire des exercices pour tonifier votre corps vous faites de meme pour votre visage, vous pouvez travailler vos muscles . Alors pourquoi attendre? "
"Hello everyone, Bonjour a tout le monde, Hola a todos, Moien alleguer,
My name is Kim. I'm originally from Pittsburgh, PA USA, but I've been living in Europe for longer than I lived in The States. It has been over eight years now that I call Luxembourg « Home. »
I made my commitment to The Face Yoga Method in January, 2017 with the start of the first Face Yoga Method Teacher Certification Course, and created Face Yoga Luxembourg as a result.   There is so much in this method that I wish to share."
"I truly believe people can naturally attain healthy, more youthful skin without expensive beauty creams and invasive procedures. I am a certified Face Yoga Instructor and certified Essential Oils Coach. Face Yoga incorporates principles I believe in to have natural, healthy skin: facial exercises, mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle. With their amazing properties, Essential oils are a perfect compliment to doing Face Yoga. I’d love to show you how you can achieve more youthful skin naturally."
Yoshiko is a tango champion and started out by incorporating face yoga classes with her dance lessons. She's now published 10 face yoga books and sold half a million copies. Now holding events all over Japan.
 "You're helping others change their face, their lives and on top of that you're getting paid. It's an amazing job! When you see your students faces and lives starting to change it motivates you to keep going.
It's the best job ever!"
Motoko was a hot yoga teacher when she first heard of face yoga. She got certified in order to differentiate her classes from others.
"Face Yoga is an amazing tool you can do anywhere, anytime. It is up to you how to use this tool. Take a chance and change your life and others by becoming a teacher."
Hatsuyo is a yoga instructor who first heard of face yoga from her students, she decided to become a face yoga teacher so that she could add to the services she was already providing as a yoga instructor.
"Since the beginning I focused a lot of my energy on the internet. Not only do I teach yoga and face yoga but I also write articles for magazines, and blogs that are interested in finding out more."
Michiko found out about face yoga while pursuing her life-long dream of becoming a yoga instructor. After practicing face exercises for a few months and seeing amazing results on her own skin, she decided to get certified and teach face yoga.
"I really enjoy seeing my students smile during and after the lesson. On top of my own face yoga class, I started events collaborating with make up artist, photographers and many more. I met so many other interesting people at the certification program and my social life has expanded."
What happens when I join the Face Yoga Teacher Certification program?
You will receive an email receipt for your purchase .
You will receive an email with information on how to set-up your login credentials for the course.
Once you have signed into the course you will have access to the Overview and Welcome Video. - Watch these
The first module - “The Science of the Face Yoga Method” will be released on July 10, 2017. The rest of the modules will be released over the following weeks.

I’m already a Face Yoga Method lifetime member and/or regular Face Yoga Method practitioner. How will this program further my knowledge and practice?
This course focuses on the science and theory behind Face Yoga. You will be equipped with the best tools to teach, lead and instruct others. You will have a comprehensive understanding of Face Yoga, while learning teaching theory regarding the methods required to guide students and perform corrections. 
What does the course include? What can I expect?
This course will give you an in-depth understanding of what Face Yoga is, why it works, how to teach classes, as well as how to turn your personal practice into a business.
There are four mandatory chronological modules in the Face Yoga Method Teacher Certification Program:
   The Science
   The Teaching
   The Poses
  The Corrections
For optimal learning the modules will be released during specified time frames throughout the four-month course. There will also be an accessible bonus Marketing module that will focus on how you can market your Face Yoga business.

You will be invited to join an private Facebook Group with students in the same Teacher Certification Program. This will act as a platform for all questions, concerns and comments you may have for Fumiko, the Face Yoga Method Team or the other students. We highly encourage joining the Facebook group as you will be able to share your journey with others who are on the same path.

What materials will I be given? Are there any assignments?
Throughout the training, you will have access to training materials that you will be able to download and keep for future reference. Materials come in the form of videos, PDFs for each exercise, audio files, checklists and cheat sheets.
There will be several assignments to complete for each of the modules, many of which will be given a deadline for submission. The deadlines are to keep you on track with your learning. We want to make sure that once you begin you keep the momentum. The deadlines will also allow time for Fumiko to provide personal feedback. Obligatory assignments that have not been completed will delay your ability to complete the final assessment with Fumiko and thus, your Teacher Certification.

Will there be an assessment at the end of the course?
To be certified by the Face Yoga Method, you must complete two assessments. The first being a video submission of you performing specified Face Yoga poses for Fumiko’s review. Once Fumiko approves of the video, a personal one-on-one assessment with Fumiko over Skype, where you will be tested on your Face Yoga Method knowledge, as well as your teaching ability will occur in real-time.
What is the duration of the course?
The course will begin on July 10, 2017 and last four months. Personalized final assessment with Fumiko will take place in the month of October 2017.
Where will the program take place?
The entire program is held in an online classroom with a self-study format. This means that you will be able to take part in the program without having to leave the comfort of your own home, from anywhere in the world.
How involved is Fumiko during the 4-month program?
As creator and manager, Fumiko is incredibly involved in the daily activities and operations throughout the duration of the program. She will continuously provide personal feedback on both the Facebook Group and module assignments. A personal one-on-one final assessment with Fumiko is required for you to be able to receive your certification at the end of the course.
How much is the course? Is there Early Bird pricing?
The early bird price of $2,750 is available to those who complete the payment between June 28 – July 7, 2017 (midnight PST). Those paying from July 8- July 9, 2017 are directed to the Regular Price of $3,000.
What kind of payment plans are available? Can I pay in installments?
We have an installment payment plan for both Early Bird and Regular prices. Those enrolling in the program between June 28 – July 7, 2017 will have the choice of paying in four installments of $750 for four consecutive months (the duration of the course). This brings the total Early Bird Price program price to $3,000 (instead of $2,750 for a one-time payment).
Those enrolling during the Regular Price period between July 8 – July 9th, 2017 will have the choice of paying in four installments of $800 for four consecutive months (the duration of the course). This brings the total Regular Price program price to $3,200 (instead of $3,000 for a one-time payment).
What happens if I miss a payment on an installment plan?
Failure to comply with agreed upon monthly payment deadlines will result in immediate revocation from the Teacher Training course. Credentials and access will be withheld until the required payment has been received by the Face Yoga Method team. Only after we have confirmed that the payment has been received will you be able to re-access the course materials and forums.
Is there a refund policy?
We have a 15-day refund policy from the purchase date. If on a one-time payment plan, the entirety of the sum will be refunded. If on an installment plan, the entirety of the first month’s sum will be refunded. Under no circumstances will a refund be granted after the 15-day period from the purchase date. Once refunded, all access to both the Teacher Training website and relevant forums will be revoked.
Which payment method do you accept?
We accept both PayPal and credit card online payments (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover Network).
Is there an experience prerequisite to join the program?
No previous Face Yoga knowledge or experience is required to join the program. This course caters to both regular Face Yoga practitioners, as well as beginners. The program will include an in-depth study of 70+ Face Yoga poses with novice and advanced variations to cater to a variety of student competency levels.
When can I access the program website?
You will be able to access the program once the course officially begins and Module 1 opens on July 10, 2017.
What kind of lasting support exists for when the course is over?
The Facebook group for your Face Yoga Method Teacher Training Certification intake will remain active in perpetuity for you to be able to discuss ideas with your fellow classmates long after the program is over and you have been certified. Members of the Face Yoga Method Team, including Fumiko, will also be checking this site periodically to answer any questions or concerns you may have down the road.
 I won’t be able to join the course due to existing responsibilities in the coming months. Are you planning on hosting another similar program later in 2017?
We want to bring Face Yoga to as many people as possible, in all corners of the world! So we are planning to host another full teacher certification course at the end of 2017, beginning of 2018
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